2 JBTwenty-four years ago, Jordan Barr, was shot gunned into this world with a huge heart, a great sense of humor, and a crazy desire to entertain all those around him. He literally came out of the womb, singing, smiling, and ready to be a star. But it wasn’t until he was twelve, that Jordan began channeling all of his performing energy, and getting up on stage. He quickly became the lead in all the school musicals, in both Junior High and High School. This led to him getting to perform in Scotland at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, debuting music at Carnegie Hall and performing with Dick Van Dyke at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Center. He landed a featured role on 90210, the Hit CW show, singing on the prom episode. He even got to star in a Tapatio Hot Sauce Commercial! Jordan, a classically trained singer, started branching out after high school, and began doing pop/rock acapella covers of top hits. This garnered attention from many in the music world. To the point where he got the opportunity to record a full album, fully funded.

This project became his baby, and he has worked passionately for the past two years on perfecting, and completing what will be his debut album. He decided to not just do a pop album or a rock album. He crosses all genres and delivers sounds and instrumentals that he loves and is proud of. A smorgasbord of music, as he calls it. It has a little something for everyone. Jordan dreams of his music reaching the ears of the masses, and somehow, making a difference in peoples lives. He would love to go on tour, and travel the world. Aiming to Headline at the Sydney Opera house, and Madison Square Garden, Jordan is pushing to reach the peak of success in this industry. He gets inspiration from artists such as Gavin Degraw, Adam Levine, and Michael Buble, with their crooner/falsetto capabilities, Jordan hopes to join their ranks and prove that a young Jewish man from the San Fernando Valley, can put up notes and sounds with the best of them.

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